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A criminal defence lawyer’s advice can make the difference between being wrongly convicted and found not guilty. Mr. Prithipaul is available for free initial consultations. He will describe the process of how a lawyer can assist a client facing criminal charges, the timelines and costs involved. Contact us to inquire about the practicalities of obtaining disclosure, learning about the court process, options for appealing license suspensions, and defending your case.

Mr. Prithipaul will not be judgmental. This may be your first time being charged or you may have past convictions. Regardless, defence counsel’s duty is to advise and to help those in need of legal assistance.
Every person who is criminally charged is presumed innocent and fair treatment according to law. You are innocent until proven otherwise, and the state must prove criminal guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
Mr. Prithipaul is professional, an experienced courtroom lawyer, and he has confidence. He will give you honest and effective legal advice
Lawyer-client communications are completely confidential. Whatever you and your lawyer discuss is strictly privileged and cannot be disclosed unless you consent.
Initial telephone consultations are free of charge. It costs nothing to call Mr. Prithipaul for initial advice. Fees are quoted up front, in writing, and in advance of any work being performed. You are under no obligation unless you instruct your lawyer to take action on your behalf.
Are you under arrest and in police custody? If so, Mr. Prithipaul is available on a 24-hour basis for immediate legal advice.

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It Costs Nothing to Dial Our Number.
We accept emergency calls from clients in police custody 24 hours a day.
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