How Much Does Hiring Us Cost?

Generally, the calculation of fees is dependent on the lawyer’s knowledge and experience, the amount of time the case will require, and the complexity of the matter. Questions such as how much time a case will require, the number of witnesses expected to testify, and the complexity of a given prosecution cannot be assessed before the prosecution furnishes disclosure.

Mr. Prithipaul is available for free initial consultations. Once a client decides to retain Mr. Prithipaul, an initial retainer is quoted that will cover the cost of the first steps that are needed, including obtaining disclosure and ensuring representation in court. After disclosure has been received, Mr. Prithipaul will discuss your case with you, develop a strategy, and then quote you fees which will depend on your proposed course of action.

In all cases, fees are quoted up front and in writing. You will be required to sign a retainer agreement that specifies the fee arrangement. Mr. Prithipaul typically bills by the case, as opposed to on an hourly rate. This method allows the client to know in advance how much a given legal service (a one-day trial, for example) will cost.

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