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One of the more intricate areas of the criminal law is that which deals with firearms. Rules which govern the licensing, use, storage, and transportation of firearms and weapons are contained not only in the Criminal Code, but in the Firearms Act and various regulations. Mr. Prithipaul is an Edmonton criminal defence lawyer with experience in dealing with firearms offences.

Penalties for contravening these laws and regulations can vary enormously. Some offences do not carry any minimum punishment and may be sanctioned by a discharge, fine, or a period of probation. In contrast, the use of a firearm in the commission of certain offences can result in mandatory minimum jail sentences of one year or three years.

In addition, the Criminal Code allows for firearms and weapons prohibition orders. These orders can be mandatory or optional depending on the nature of the offence(s) for which they are imposed. A ten-year firearms prohibition, for example, can cause a recreational user of firearms to lose the ability to hunt for the duration of the order.

Applications for firearms licensing or permits must be made to the provincial Chief Firearms Officer or Registrar. It may be possible to have a decision to deny a license or permit reviewed by a court. You should contact Mr. Prithipaul for assistance and advice in such matters.

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