Criminal Defence in Edmonton: Areas of Practice

Experience matters when it comes to choosing a criminal law lawyer. Ravi Prithipaul, Q.C. has over 25 years of experience as a criminal law lawyer and has handled hundreds of different cases for clients throughout Edmonton, Grande Prairie, and Western Canada. Thanks to his many years involved with criminal law, Mr. Prithipaul has expanded his areas of practice to include cases such as: fraud, theft, impaired driving, drug charges, and firearm offences as well as more serious matters like sexual offences and violent crimes. Each area of practice brings a different set of complexities that Mr. Prithipaul can help you navigate while handling your case.  

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If you find you are facing criminal charges, it is important to seek legal advice as soon as possible. A criminal defence attorney in Edmonton can help you argue your case in court. That is why we encourage you to contact Ravi Prithipaul, Q.C. You can call our office located in downtown Edmonton.  Mr. Prithipaul has conducted criminal trials and appeals in courts throughout Alberta, British Columbia, and beyond. His experience includes arguing appeals in the Supreme Court of Canada. Contact Ravi Prithipaul, Q.C. to discuss your case and get the legal defence you deserve.

"DUI", impaired driving, and dangerous driving
Drug Charges
Firearms Offences
Sexual Offences
Violent Crimes: Threats, Assault, Murder
Fraud, Theft, Property Offences

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